Dye Techniques

At Destination Yarn we use several different dye techniques in order to achieve the look that we want.  Each technique requires a separate process and a unique type of application of dye to yarn.  The same exact shades can dye up in completely different ways depending on the dye technique!


Places Colorways

To create hand painted colorways we meticulously apply measured amounts of dye directly to the yarn in a specific sequence of colors.  This creates very repeatable, very consistent colors.  At Destination Yarn we call these colorways “Places” because like a place they are always the same.

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lake erie - dk - 04

Kettle Dyed

Travel Experience Colorways

To create kettle dyed colorways we pour dye over the yarn directly in the dye pots.  Colors are allowed to bleed and mix creating new, deeper shades and tones. While these colorways are repeatable, there will be variations.  At Destination Yarn we call these colorways “Travel Experiences” because every skein is slightly unique.

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International Space Station

Stipple Dyed

Adventure Colorways

To create stipple dyed colorways we apply dye directly to the skein allowing pops of color to bleed across the skein.  Because of the way that the color is applied the dyer has much less control over the final results.  At Destination Yarn we call these our “Adventure” colorways because creating one is an adventure!


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color run - souvenir - 05